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Joel Dunning, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Herb.
316 North 115th Street
(402) 650-7715

Ann Ealy
Glimpse Gallery: 4225 Cuming St.
(402) 650-9311

Omaha Healing Arts Center
Sandy Aquila, Director
1216 Howard Street
Omaha's Old Market
(402) 345-5078

Susie Gillespie
6105 Maple
Omaha, NE
(402) 553-8250

Welcome to Omaha Yoga Notes, an ongoing feature of
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Omaha Yoga Notes
(November/December 2008)

With Theresa Murphy

A year-end list of some places to find yoga
We find ourselves approaching the close of another year. Years seem to turn over faster and faster, like the pages of a good book: full of work, wonder, love, loss and life lessons. Our lives these days are quite full. People work longer hours and more days of the week. Time with family and friends is scarcer. Information on every subject imaginable, in excess beyond our ability to contain, is available at the speed of light in an ever-increasing array of gadgets. Full indeed.

With such fullness it is imperative, if seeking balance, to also seek emptiness. As contemplative beings, capable of enlightenment (freedom from suffering, confusion, contempt, anger, blame, etc.) our work, our duty in fact, is to allow the space for that enlightenment to happen. For as many techno gadgets there are making our lives more full, there are as many ways into spaciousness or emptiness.
Releasing tension around the jaw, the temples, the eyes, and around the cranium. Cultivating space in the neck and shoulders, the hamstrings, the hips and lumbar spine. Allowing space in the left hemisphere of the brain, the side of the brain that deals with time, deadlines, names, dates and facts. Even making the muscles in the feet and pelvic floor more malleable creates a sense of space in our bodies and thus our lives. Most importantly is the need for space around our thoughts. One of my teachers says, “The music is the space between the notes.” Our lives, the reality of our beings, our true nature is in the space between our thoughts.

Time is slipping by, clearly marked by the end of the year approaching. Every sunset landmarks time’s passing, in fact, every breath we take is a notch in time’s belt. Time is oh so precious in this endeavor to become the beings we already are, enlightened, free from ill will, fear and judgment. On this path it is important not to waste time.
Omaha is blessed to have many yoga teachers, meditation teachers and groups, venues and events to help us take full advantage of this time. Here is a list to guide us on where to get started, or to broaden our current efforts. The list includes places and people teaching yoga and meditation in all forms for all shapes and abilities. See you there!

Old Market Area
A Yoga Practice (AYogaPractice.com)
A Little Space Yoga (212-4290)
Omaha Yoga School (OmahaYogaSchool.com)
Omaha Healing Arts Center (OmahaHealingArts.com)

Yoga Path (OmahaYogaPath.net)
Nirvana Pointe Retreat Center (TheWellnessConnection.net)

Bhadra Yoga (BhadraYoga.com)
One Tree Yoga (OneTreeYoga.com)
Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center (DoYogaNow.com)
The Wellness Connection (TheWellnessConnection.net)
Yoga at Mead Chapel (2dixons@cox.net)

One Tree Yoga (OneTreeYoga.com)
Hindu Temple (HinduTempleNebraska.org)
Fluidity Dance & Yoga (708-5764)
Postures Dance & Yoga Studio (OnPointDanceCenter.com)
Four Winds Natural Healing Center (FourWindsNHC.com)

Surrounding Area
Power of Love Temple (PowerOfLoveTemple.org) Loess Hills
Poney Creek Yoga Lodge (712-572-5521) Loess Hills
Liv Yoga Bellevue (LivYogaBellevue.com) Bellevue

Check your local health club for yoga class offerings.

NOTE: If you have regularly scheduled yoga classes you wish listed from time to time in Omaha Yoga Notes, send details to info@OmahaYoga.com

Theresa Murphy is co-owner and director of One Tree Yoga and a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance at the ERYT 200 level. She studies and works with Tias Little and Rolf Gates assisting them in workshops nationally and internationally.


Pilates Lifestyle and Vital Lifestyles
New location in Omaha
(402) 502-9772

Arisha Wemhoff Pilates & Yoga
(402) 733-8999

Midwest Yoga Teachers Association

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